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Modern Ukrainian Financial Science: theoretical paradigm & practical concept of public finance (арт: 032537)

Modern Ukrainian Financial Science: theoretical paradigm & practical concept of public finance
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Артикул: 032537
Автор V. Fedosov, A. Krysovatyy, V. Oparin, P. Yukhymenko
Анотація This is the original work by the national economic and financial scientists on the evolution of the modern Ukrainian financial science. The first chapter deals with the Ukrainian concept of financial theory and financial architectonics. It clears up theoretical fundamentals of financial science, institutional approaches in financial theory and essentials of financial system structure. In the light of the national and world financial doctrine, a great number of items connected with dialectics of origin and development of public finance in Ukraine have been considered in the second chapter. National governmental bureaucracy, fundamentals of formation and implementation of budget doctrine and policy in Ukraine, problems of budget social expenditures and pension reform in Ukraine have been cleared up as well. The interpretation of prospects of controlling approaches in macro-level financial management is realized in the work. The analysis helps the authors highlight both theory and practice of tax and debt policy in Ukraine. A considerable attention is paid to the risk dialectics for tax system development in Ukraine and conceptual fundamentals to develop tax state in our country. It has been proved by research and practice that branch development of financial system is a treatment instrument for public finance. The authors reveal the significance of the financial restructuring in Ukraine and its results, investigate the development of stock market, insurance market and reinsurance. This book will be invaluable to scientists, teachers, post-graduates and to all those, who need to know more about public finance, its theoretical paradigm and practical concept , variety of scientific schools, approaches and methods.
Обкладинка м'яка
Рік видання 2019
Сторінок 432
Тип Книга
Формат А5

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