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Mechanics of materials: Theory and Problems. Textbook. (арт: 032942)

Mechanics of materials: Theory and Problems. Textbook.
455.00 грн.
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Артикул: 032942
Автор A. Kutsenko, M. Bondar, V.Pryshliak
Анотація In this book the basic questions of Strength of materials are consistently expounded, among them: basic concepts and hypotheses of resistance of materials; calculations are on durability and rigidity of elements of constructions, which work on compression and tension, on direct shear and twisting; a construction of diagrams of internal efforts is for a bar; a calculation of beams is on durability; methods of determination of deformations of beam: double - integration method, Castigliano's theorem and Verescagin's rule, their application, is for determining the unknown reactions of statically indeterminate of beams and frames.
Обкладинка м'яка
Рік видання 2020
Сторінок 598
Тип Книга
Формат А5

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